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About Dr. Tsakiris



Dr. Liz Tsakiris has been providing the highest quality psychological and educational services and assessments to families and children for over 35 years in schools, hospitals, clinics, recreation, and residential settings. Her energetic hands-on approach is matched with high level expertise and state of the art knowledge in education and psychology.  

Her training and expertise in both psychology and education makes for outstanding teaching, consultation and collaboration with professionals and parents. This results in actions and not just words for children and families. 

Treatment Focus



Dr. Tsakiris provides psychological services in the “real time” of a child’s life to optimize learning, behavior, communication and relationships.

These services include: 

· Assessment- Psychological and Educational

· Therapy- Individual, Child, Parent and Group

· Interventions- Behavior, Communication, and Academic

Specialty services are available for children with autism spectrum disorders, as well as other complex physical, learning, communication and behavior challenges. 

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